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In a game, players can build and upgrade various structures within their city to improve their armies, gather resources, and advance their civilization.

  • Academy: Allows players to research new technologies, which can provide bonuses to troops, buildings, or other aspects of the game.

  • Tavern: Allows players to recruit basic heroes, and read news about the game world

  • Barracks: Allows players to recruit infantry units.

  • Archery Range: Allows players to recruit archer units.

  • Stable: Allows players to recruit cavalry units.

  • Siege Workshop: Allows players to recruit siege units and build siege weapons.

  • Farm: Allows players to increase food production.

  • Quarry: Allows players to increase stone production.

  • Goldmine: Allows players to increase gold production.

  • Lumbermill: Allows players to increase wood production.

  • Market: Allows players to trade resources with other players or the AI.

  • Temple: Allows players to increase the happiness of the population and gain bonuses from gods or other spiritual powers.

All of these buildings can be upgraded to increase their effectiveness, and as the player's city level increases, new buildings will become available for construction. Upgrading buildings can provide bonuses to resource production, troop training speed, and other aspects of the game. Additionally, players can upgrade the city level by upgrading these buildings, which will allow them to construct more advanced structures and unlock new technologies.

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