Disclaimer: This litepapper should be considered a work in progress and can be updated without further notice

Q4 23 - Q2 24

  • Pre-MVP Development (Completed!)

  • Box Sale

  • Grant

  • Development of a system of servers (worlds) for the game

  • Development and general visual style of the game

  • Development of basic mechanics and their implementation

  • Development of a game design document and a business plan

  • Development of the project's tokenomics

  • Smart contract development & audit

  • Updating the site with full information about the game, its history, and gameplay

  • IOS/Android verions development

Q2 24 - Q4 24

  • Starting the game in the TestNet and starting the public test / bridge test

  • Adding generals.

  • Adding Game Events

  • Adding the ability to use NFT in the game

  • Improving mechanics adding new ones

  • Smart contract revision and audit

  • The release of the game in the mainnet

  • Preparation of marketing materials and advertising

  • Reaching 1000+ regular players every day

*For the MWP version, we partially utilized advancements from a purchased set of models

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