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Obtaining generals

You can get a general using the following methods:

  • Recruiting basic generals from taverns located in towns or cities. Players can interact with taverns and select from a list of available generals to recruit.

  • Purchasing more powerful or unique generals from an in-game store or special event shop, using in-game currency or premium currency.

  • Collecting special items called "general scrolls" to unlock rare and powerful generals. These scrolls can be found in treasure chests, earned as rewards for completing missions, or purchased from special event shops.

Once a general is unlocked, they will be added to the player's roster and be available to command in battle. Players will also be able to train and upgrade their generals as they gain experience, allowing them to become more powerful over time.


  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

  • Legendary

The rarity affect several factors, including:

  • Stats: Common generals typically have lower base stats than uncommon, rare, or legendary generals. This means they may have lower health, attack, defense, or other stats, making them less effective in battle.

  • Abilities: Uncommon, rare, and legendary generals may have unique abilities or special powers that are not available to common generals. These abilities can give them an edge in battle, making them more versatile and useful in different situations.

  • Appearance: Generals of different rarities may have unique visual designs, making them stand out from one another.

  • Cost: Rare and Legendary generals tend to be more difficult to obtain than common and uncommon generals, either through recruitment, purchase or collection of scrolls.

Overall, the rarity of generals can greatly affect their usefulness in battle and the player's overall strategy. While common generals may be easy to obtain and useful in certain situations, rare and legendary generals can be powerful game-changers that can give players an edge in battle.


Generals have unique abilities, known as skills or talents, that can be unlocked and upgraded as they gain levels. These talents can greatly affect a general's performance in battle and can be tailored to suit different playstyles and strategies.

Skills can be divided into different branches, each with their own set of talents. For example, some branches may focus on increasing a general's attack power, while others may focus on improving their defensive capabilities or providing bonuses to specific types of troops. Each branch has several talents with different levels of upgrades, so players will have to make strategic choices when choosing which talents to upgrade.

Some examples of skills that a general may have are:

  • Leadership: This branch can focus on increasing the general's leadership abilities, giving bonuses to nearby troops in terms of morale, attack, defense, or other characteristics.

  • Warfare: This branch can focus on increasing the general's combat abilities, providing bonuses to the general's attack, defense, or critical hit chance, or giving them special abilities such as a chance to stun or slow enemies.

  • Logistics: This branch can focus on increasing the general's logistical abilities, providing bonuses to the speed and capacity of the player's armies or fleets.

Players can also choose which troops to assign to each general, so they can use their skills and bonuses more effectively. With the right combination of talents and troops, players can create powerful, versatile generals that can turn the tide of battle in their favor.

Level up

Generals can be leveled up and upgraded through various means.

  • Gaining Battle Experience: Generals can earn experience points by participating in battles and defeating enemies. As they gain experience, they will level up and become stronger.

  • Using Experience Books: Players can also use special items called "experience books" to give their generals a boost in experience. These books can be found in treasure chests, earned as rewards for completing missions, or purchased from special event shops.

  • Using General Scrolls: To reach higher levels and unlock new abilities, players will need to use specific scrolls for each type of general. Common generals will require common scrolls, uncommon - uncommon scrolls, rare - rare scrolls and legendary - legendary scrolls. These scrolls can be found in treasure chests, earned as rewards for completing missions, or purchased from special event shops.

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