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Gameplay of Near Kingdoms:

  • Strategy: Near Kingdoms is typically characterized by the four "X"s: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. Players start with a small city and must explore the surrounding terrain, expand their territory and population, exploit resources, and compete or cooperate with other civilizations. The gameplay often includes elements of city-building, resource management, diplomacy, and military strategy.

  • Exploration: Players begin by exploring the game world, uncovering new terrain and resources, and discovering other kingdoms. Exploration can be done by moving armies, building outposts, or sending scouts. As players discover new resources, they can then build structures to harvest those resources and use them to support their kingdom.

  • Expansion: Players will need to expand their kingdom by training armies, and establishing trade routes. Players can establish new settlements, and as the player's city level increases, new buildings will become available for construction. This enables players to claim new territory and resources, and to increase their population and wealth.

  • Exploitation: Players will need to manage resources, such as food, wood, stone, gold and others, in order to support their kingdom. Resources can be collected from mines, farms, and other structures, and used to construct buildings, train troops, and research new technologies. Players will need to balance the use of resources to maintain a steady flow of income and support their kingdom's growth.

  • Extermination: Players will need to defend their territory and resources, and may choose to compete or cooperate with other kingdoms. Players can engage in diplomacy, forming alliances or making war with other civilizations. The game's military aspect allows players to train and command armies, navigate battles and sieges, and conquer new territories.

  • Pros: our game offers a wide variety of gameplay options, including city-building, resource management, diplomacy, and military strategy. Players can enjoy a deep and complex gameplay experience, with many opportunities to make strategic decisions and shape the course of the game. Game also offer a high degree of replayability, as players can experiment with different strategies and kingdoms.

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